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Sexual foreplay is quite possibly the most important aspect of sex. There are many who depend on it for either arousal or for enhancement of arousal. For women, the fondling of their breasts and nipples provides the stimulation they need to increase arousal, which in turn leads to vaginal lubrication needed to enjoy sexual intercourse.


The purpose of a woman’s breast expands beyond feeding her newborn child. For many women, their breasts and nipples are “feel good” buttons, erogenous zones that, when touched or fondled, stimulate her sexual arousal. An article that was written by Dr. Roy Levin and Dr. Cindy Meston for the Journal of Sexual Medicine says that 82 percent of women relied on nipple stimulation to cause or increase their sexual desire. With heightened sexual desire, lubrication of the vagina takes place, which is needed not only to enjoy intercourse, but also to help reduce the friction caused by the penis.


The stimulation of a woman’s breasts either before or during intercourse causes the release of central neuropeptide hormones. There are many hormones included in this classification, such as endorphins and testosterone. Once these hormones are released in the brain, they cause a surge of sexual desire, which results in an increased blood flow to the clitoris. The clitoris is another erogenous zone for a woman, and is packed with nerve endings that aid in the occurrence of orgasms. The clitoris not only surrounds the vagina, but extends into it, and once it has become swollen with blood, vaginal lubrication takes place to prepare the vagina for the penis.


There are many ways to stimulate the breast and increase vaginal lubrication. The method will vary with the person. Some women enjoy having only their nipples rubbed, licked or sucked, while others may enjoy their entire breast fondled and held in their lovers’ hands. There are even some who enjoy rougher stimulation methods like pinching or biting. To increase vaginal lubrication, some women enjoy having their clitoris touched, while others prefer the feel of their lovers’ mouths and tongues on it or inside of it.


Many women who may ordinarily enjoy breast stimulation through fondling are apprehensive about allowing their mate to provide them this pleasure. This is due to rumors that breast stimulation, especially vigorous stimulation, may cause breast cancer. This is not true, although there are times when extremely rough stimulation may cause bruising.


Some women require more than the average fondling of the breasts to induce the sexual desire they are looking for. In these cases, there are sexual products available for use during intercourse that can take breast stimulation to an entirely new level. These include such things as nipple clamps and suction. In addition, some women may require more than just breast stimulation to increase their vaginal lubrication. There are many sexual creams and lotions available over the counter that can aid in this process. They include KY Jelly and warming lotions that cause a tingling sensation in the vagina upon application, increasing arousal and providing lubrication at the same time.

On March - 13 - 2010

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